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Seniors, we will miss you.  It has been a GREAT 4 years.  Now, it's time to leave your legacy and thoughts to help and continue to shape the P.E. Department instruction.  The survey will only take you a few minutes.  The last question also asks for a personal email address if you want to help us out again in October of this year as a follow up.  We really find that your honest input is valuable or we wouldn't was our time doing this.  Please take the survey by clicking here

Department Policies

  • Medical Alternatives

    For students who cannot attend P.E. class due to medical reasons, please use this site after being referred by your teacher. Read More
  • Makeup Policy

    If you miss more than 3 days of P.E., you must makeup every class. Use this link to download the Read More
  • Syllabus

    All of the P.E. Department policies and rules can be found in our syllabus. Read More
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