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Hoops for HearOnline Registration


We are starting our annual Hoops for Heart fundraiser.  All monies go directly to the American Heart Association.  The money they collect is used toward research in treating cardiovascular disease as well as educating people in prevention.  Please enter valid email addresses and post to all your social networks.  

Here are several ways you can make donations:

  1. create or acccess your Hoops for Heart webpage here and add emails of people you know.  The American Heart Association is well known and many people look forward to donatiing.
  2. purchase a hoops for heart shirt for $10 from your P.E. teacher.
  3. for $30 you can get a hoops for heart shirt and PopSocket.

For your part, we have several rewards for doing this great community service.

  1. March 23rd is our Hoops for Heart Day.  We have multiple activities you can choose from that we are setting up for you to enjoy.

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