Department Syllabus

Below is the Department Syllabus that is a guideline for most classes to follow. Please be aware that individual teachers may have other requirements for their classroom setting.


Bill Casey, Chair
BS, Northern Illinois University
MS, Northern Illinois University

Jason Arquilla (PE, Health)
BS, Iowa State University
MS, Chicago State University*

Julie Bannack, Dept. Asst. (PE)
BS, University of Illinois
MS, Northern Illinois University

Nick Benson (PE)
BS, University of Illinois
MS, University of St. Francis

Dave Brouwer (Health)
BS, Indiana University
MS, Northern Illinois University 

Audrey Carroll (Pool Aide)
BA, Rider University

Mike Cook (Dr Ed)
BS, Northern Illinois University
MS, Chicago State University 

Bill Ellinghaus (Dr Ed)
BS, Illinois State University
MA, Chicago State University

Jordan Fandrey (PE)
BA, Elmhurst College

Dan Fitzgerald (PE)
BS, Illinois State University

Wayne Hartmann (Dr Ed)
BS, Winona State University
MA, Rockford College

Jimmy Kennedy (APE, PE)
BS, Northern Illinois University
MS, Northeastern Illinois University

Katie Kreutzer (PE/Health)
BS, Illinois State University
MA, American College of Education

Laura Kurtyak (Health)
BS, Eastern Illinois University
MS, Northern Illinois University

Rich Monis (PE)
BS, University of Illinois-Chicago

Len Penkala (PE)
BA, Benedictine University
MAEL, Aurora University

Allison Perry (PE)
BS, Springfield College
MAEL, Benedictine University

David Ricca (PE/Health/Dr Ed)
BS, Taylor University

Dylan Rowan (Health/ Dr Ed)
BS, Illinois State University

Kelly Simon (PE)
BA, Hillsdale College
MS, National Louis University

Jacob Stanton (PE/Dr Ed)
BS, Millikin University

Shelby Thormeyer (PE)
BS, Eastern Illinois University
MA, National-Louis University

Chris Wingate (Dr Ed)
BS, Southern Illinois University
MA, Rockford College

Physical Education Syllabus 

Our Mission 

To provide quality physical education that empowers all students to learn, develop, and apply the skills needed for daily participation in personal fitness and lifetime activities. 

Physical Education: Freshman Year 

Personal Fitness                             CPR and Adventure Ed     

          Fitness Integration Through Sport                Wellness

Physical Education: Sophomore Year 

Social Dance      Team Sports    Racket Sports    Swimming 

Physical Education: Junior/Senior Electives 

APF      Self Defense      Peer Partners     Rock Climbing      Jr. Leaders    Futsol

BodySculpt    Basketball      Jazz Dance      Badminton      Dance of the Decades    

Tennis   Soccer  Floor Hockey   Tap Dance   Wildcathlon   Hip Hop   Frisbee Golf          

On Broadway  Ultimate Frisbee     Volleyball       Pickleball      Flag Football     Lifeguarding

Sports Medicine

Physical Education: Junior/Senior Year Long Choices

Peer Partners     P.E. Leaders     Advanced Dance 

    (These classes are part of an application process)

The physical education staff at Neuqua Valley High School is committed to offering one of the most comprehensive physical education programs in the nation. The Neuqua Valley Physical Education Department was awarded the Blue Ribbon Award from the Illinois Alliance of Health, Physical Education, Dance and Recreation for having one of the top programs in the state of Illinois. This award was a direct reflection of the professional physical education staff and the outstanding students they impact on a daily basis. The freshman and sophomore curriculum is predetermined for students with a wide variety of activities, including important life skills such as swimming, CPR, personal wellness, dance and a number of team sports skills. 

The junior/senior curriculum is one of “choices” and each class is a quarter long. Every quarter, juniors and seniors have the option to choose classes that they want to try out or are passionate about.  Each quarter students can usually choose from the categories of group fitness/dance, personal fitness, team sports and individual sports. This allows our students to create an experience in a wide range of activities that will contribute to a lifetime of wellness. Neuqua Valley also has year-long classes that can be signed up prior to the school year starting.  These classes are limited in the amount of students they can accept and require an application which is usually made available every January.  These classes include Peer Partners, P.E. Leaders and Advanced Dance.


In our physical education program, we assess students’ cognitive and psychomotor performance, while continually working to enhance the affective domain as well. While physical education may require times of subjective analysis of student engagement, we will use objective data to assess when possible. This psychomotor analysis may include rubrics or checklists and will be technique driven vs. outcome driven. Students will be held to high standards and challenged each and every day. 

Scale:      Grade:                                                                                                       Weights:

100-90           A      Demonstrates outstanding progress                            Engagement: 70% 

89-80             B      Demonstrates above average progress                       Assessment: 30% 

79-70             C      Demonstrates average progress                                                

69-60             D      Demonstrates minimum acceptable progress 

59-0               F      Demonstrates unacceptable progress 


Engagement makes up 70 percent of the unit grade. This grade will be based on a 5 point daily rubric system. Grades may be determined both objectively and subjectively.  Students are expected to come prepared for activity(dressed appropriately) and engage fully every day in the assigned activities for engagement credit. Cardio Days (Wednesdays) will also have an additional 5 points as part of a participation assignment for the day.  This makes cardio days worth a total of 10 points. 


We believe that students need to dress appropriately for activity and that dress should be similar to what they would wear in a  health club but still stay within the appropriate guidelines of a physical education setting. All students need to wear appropriate attire for activity in order to achieve their daily engagement points. We strongly ENCOURAGE students to change their clothing for P.E. class every day.  The Department requirements are as follows: 

  1. A shirt that has sleeves, a crew neck and goes down to the waist to cover the midriff the entire time when passive and active.  Example given below.

    Sleeveless shirts, plunging necklines, shirts that do not cover the midriff are not allowed nor appropriate for the physical education setting.
  2. Shorts or athletic pants.
  3. Flat soled gym shoes that fasten (e.g. shoe laces or Velcro).  Sandals, crocs, slippers, raised heeled shoes are not allowed nor safe for activity.  

Wearing clothing outside these simple requirements (e.g. spaghetti strap shirt, flip flops, jeans, etc.) will be considered a “no dress”.  A "No Dress" will result in a complete loss of the day's engagement points (5 points) as the daily rule/expectation is not being met and the student cannot engage in activity as instructed. There is no reason for a “no dress” as there are rentals available for $1.00. This includes shorts, shirts, and/or shoes we have available. We will work with students who have insufficient funds.

Phones and earbuds:  

For the protection of the students as well as any electronic device we require that phones and earbuds not be brought into our activity areas unless the teacher allows for them.  These devices are a distraction and take away from the assigned engagement in class.   Therefore, if a student is found focusing their engagement with a phone or installed earbuds during the class time, the student will not be able to achieve the class engagement points for that day (5 points).  All these devices should be locked in the student's assigned locker within the locker room before entering the class.


Students must be in attendance in order to accomplish course objectives. Please see the make up policy below for excused absences. Unexcused absences will result in a loss of the day's engagement points (5 points). 

Short term and long term, approved absences for reasons such as family trips, field trips, religious holiday observance, school visits, etc. should be considered before the actual date(s) that the student will be absent or not participating.  By working with the teacher, the student can schedule to do make up days before the time they will actually be missing. We encourage students to be proactive in thinking about this type of required scheduling as all missed class time is required to be made up for a complete grade. Neglecting to consider needed scheduling can result in a failing grade or an incomplete grade that would require additional work the following semester or school year.

Medical Absences

For a short term medical absence (one week or less), the student will be required to makeup all work missed.  This can be done after school or with our Netflex time lapse options and should be arranged with the student’s teacher.  All makeups should be completed before the end of the quarter.

A long term medical absence (more than one week) will require the student, parents and doctor to work on a plan with the teacher for alternative, physical activities.  Being provided safe, physical alternatives every day will allow the student to continue pursuing a grade in the class without having to make up classes after healing.  We have a wide range of equipment and expertise and will work individually with every student. A doctor is required to sign off on approved activities before the student may start and any missed P.E. days will be required to be made up in order to not have a negative effect on their grade. If there are any days that the student is not allowed to do any activity, then the student will be required to makeup all missed days or it will be counted against their grade. For any long term medical absences, the District #204 Medical Restriction Form is required to be filled out by a medical professional in order to allow a student to do any allowed activity.

Long term medical absences where the student is not at school will have their grade locked and deferred until they come back.  This must be approved by the Guidance Department and missed work is expected to be completed in order to complete a grade.  Absences that total six weeks (30 days) or more during a semester can result in a drop of the class and the student will be required to make up the credit.   


Students must be dressed and sitting in attendance lines by 5 minutes after the bell rings. Students who are not in their assigned space at this time will lose participation points and be reported as tardy.  There will be a loss of 3 out of their 5 daily participation points for the tardiness.


Assessments will account for 30 percent of the unit grade. Assessments may include: written tests, skill tests, quizzes, online tests, and/or alternative assessments. 

Quarterly Make Up Policy

When students cannot be in attendance for class, we expect that they will make up this workout time they have missed. Upon the 4th and subsequent excused absence(s), students can only make up these participation points by choosing a makeup option found on our makeup page and complete the criteria outlined. Make-ups must be completed at the BFC campus cardio. room after school (open Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 2:45 - 4:15) or via the Netflex time lapse option and turned in to their teacher. Unexcused absences and no dresses may NOT be made up. 

Sophomore Swim Alternatives

Sophomore swim students who cannot participate in swimming for approved  medical or religious reasons will remain located in the pool area and perform daily activities on stationary bikes and/or pool stairs or on their own with an assigned activity monitoring watch.  These workouts are made to resemble the same level of cardiovascular fitness that we are building in students participating in the swim unit.  If not being able to participate for a medical reason, a doctor's note must be submitted to the nurse’s office prior to the start of the unit.  If not being able to participate for religious reasons, then a document from the religious institution and signed by the institution’s administrator must be given to the teacher before the start of the unit.

Lost & Found

Due to the volume of lost and found, we will hold items for 14 days before using items as rentals or donating them.  Phones and valuables are turned in to the campus Student Resource Officer when found. 

*** Please keep valuables at home! Theft does occur. The best prevention is to keep all valuables out of the locker room. The next best prevention is to keep items locked at all times! While we do have locker room supervision by our staff during passing periods, we can not be responsible for students’ personal items.***


If necessary, discipline will include redirection, email home, phone call home, and/or referral to the dean.



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